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lincolnshire web design

We design and develop content based on your own qualities and experiences all done for you.

Building your brand based on relevence

Gain a competitive advantage with your personal brand

Every client we sign up to our agency is put through our Personal Brand Accelerator first. This is a 6 week stress test of your personal brand. The accelerator is a one off fee of £4000 + vat. At the end of the Accelerator we will measure and mark the performance of your personal brand against our key metrics of success in order to determine if we continue working together. If we mutually agree, we sign a 12 month contract.

See below for the 3 stages of Positioning, Marketing and Amplification

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    Building your personal brand could

  • Add 6 figures to your revenue this year
  • Improve your reputation
  • Generate leads and clients
  • Close clients at higher prices
  • Improve visibility
  • Improve investor relationships
  • Attract better talent
lincolnshire web design

The 3 stages of Positioning, Marketing and Amplification


Your position in the market amongst other brands and trends.

82% of customers trust a company when their senior leadership team are active on social media

Positioning is about making use of your experience and expertise and placing you in the best light. We Analyse you and your competitors’ existing presence, define based on this evidence were to best position you and make that clear to your audience.

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The 3 stages of Positioning, Marketing and Amplification


We focus on the Quality of the brands with the quality of communication
Nothing sticks better in your head then a story. Stories can express the most complicated ideas in the most digestible way. - Sam Balter

We help build up the body of the brand to help connect with new and existing audiences. This is not only done through Content but Design and Data extending a brands Reach far through all possible means and methods.

Begin building your brand
lincolnshire web design
lincolnshire web design

The 3 stages of Positioning, Marketing and Amplification


Displayed as Great Value and with a Great Pitch

It helps to plan, research and discuss the points of value you want to amplify to the consumer

Amplifying your Brand, Product and Content in front of larger, pre-built, targeted audiences. No matter what the algorithms are doing and no matter what’s hot or not right now, positioning, content and amplification stand no matter what. Relationships, authority, credibility and trust build relationships.

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